Anyone who’s ever had to try to catch a good night’s sleep during a long Texas night in high summer knows the value of a fully functional air conditioning system. But did you know scientists have actually determined the ideal ambient temperature for most folks to get restful and restorative sleep?

The Night Time is the Right Time for a Cool Climate

The folks over at the National Sleep Foundation have determined that the ideal temperature for grabbing 40 winks (or better yet, a full night’s worth) is between 60° and 67° Fahrenheit. The human body naturally lowers its core temperature to prepare for sleep, and if your bedroom is too warm or too cold, you might, like Goldilocks, become restless in your bed. This can interrupt the important REM cycle of sleep, where most folks dream and our brains process important information as we enter deep slumber.

Your HVAC System is Your Better Sleep Buddy

A properly serviced HVAC system can help you make sure you’ve got the air temperature right where it needs to be for maximum comfort and efficiency. Regular maintenance helps ensure your system is operating at peak performance, saving you money and potential headaches during the long hot Texas summer.

And if you add a smart thermostat to your system, you can save even more time and money by cooling specific zones (like your bedroom) to specific temperatures at different times of day. You’ll be able to get the sleep you need without having to keep things quite so frosty all day long. Your local HVAC pro can advise you on the best thermostat for your particular system, and can also help recommend any upgrades or maintenance that you might need to keep your air conditioner purring even on the hottest days (and nights!).

Some other tips for getting the best sleep possible:

  • Keep the room cool, but your feet warm. A hot water bottle or a pair of toasty socks will encourage blood vessel dilation in your lower extremities, which helps your body regulate its internal temperature more effectively and help you fall asleep faster (and stay comfortably asleep longer).
  • Sleep like a caveman. Literally. To help promote the best rest, keep your bedroom dark, cool, and quiet. That means no lights, blackout curtains (if desired), and no screens before or at bedtime.
  • Spend some time in the tub. A nice, long bath will probably raise your temperature, at least initially. But its relaxing and soothing effects are the perfect prep for your body’s bedtime changes. Just make sure you’re out of the tub between 60 and 90 minutes before bedtime, and you’ll find yourself floating off to dreamland in no time.

Sleeping like a baby during the dog days doesn’t have to include tears and late-night fussiness. By creating a sleep-friendly environment in your home (starting with a call to your neighborhood HVAC experts!), you can help ensure you, and your entire family, enjoy restful, comfortable sleep all summer long.

Sleep Better This Summer When You Keep Your Cool
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