Here in the heart of Texas, we tend to appreciate our air conditioning a little more than folks in other parts of the country. But did you know that midsummer is a home to an HVAC celebration called National Air Conditioning Appreciation Days? That’s right—from July 3rd to August 15th, America celebrates the invention that makes life more comfortable—and safer—for millions of us each year.

And while appreciating your air conditioner in the abstract is nice, it’s also a good idea to show it a little love to keep it in working order—and your home nice and cool during even the hottest summer days.

Surprising Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

A lot of people think of air conditioning simply as a way to beat the heat. It makes everything from visiting the grocery to catching a movie more comfortable, but AC does much more for us than simply keep us cool during the dog days. In fact, for those living in the hottest areas of the country, air conditioning can be a lifesaver.

Statistics collected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that more than 9,000 Americans have died from heat-related causes since 1979, with infants and the elderly proving particularly susceptible. High temperatures also exacerbate a variety of existing health issues such as asthma, emphysema, and heart disease, making it more likely for folks with compromised health to suffer further illness or even death when the mercury climbs. And even those without health concerns are at increased risk for dehydration, heat stroke, and exhaustion when it gets too hot.

Keeping cool is important for just about everyone when it’s hot outside, but when it comes to health, it’s not just the benefits of direct cooling that make air conditioning a boon to humanity. In all fields of human endeavor, air conditioning allows for improved productivity thanks to greater comfort and access to climate control. The “climate control” aspect is especially important in the technical and medical fields, where advances often hinge on being able to conduct research in carefully constructed and modulated environments.

Air Conditioning Appreciation Made Easy

Showing appreciation for your own air conditioner isn’t very difficult. The first thing you can do is reduce ambient heat. This will ease the load on your HVAC system and help it cool your home more effectively while saving you money. So consider saving any baking and cooking until the evening hours (when it’s generally cooler), keep your blinds closed and your curtains drawn to shut out excess heat and light, and make sure you turn off any lights and appliances that aren’t in use (they tend to generate excess heat, especially if they pre-date Energy Star® standards).

Another way you can show your air conditioning appreciation is maintenance. Changing your filter every one to three months (as needed) and investing in a scheduled maintenance plan will give you both peace of mind when everything’s working as it should, as well as support and quick service when it’s not.

The best way to be able to keep appreciating your air conditioner throughout the summer is with regular maintenance and support from a professional. So whether your HVAC system is in need of a tune-up, or you just want to make sure it stays in tip-top shape, reach out to your friendly local HVAC experts to schedule an appointment. You’ll find a little appreciation goes a long way toward keeping you and your family comfortable and breathing easy all summer long.

Celebrating National Air Conditioning Appreciation Days
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