The leaves have started falling and the temperature is slowly dropping. Next thing you know, frost will be covering your windows as light snow falls. However, cold, wintry weather doesn’t last all too long in Dallas. Even though your air conditioning unit may be taking a break these coming cold months, it will once again be in full use, soon enough.

With Dallas’ almost year-round hot and humid weather, your home’s AC unit is almost constantly whirring. Of course, you appreciate the relief from the heat and humidity that it brings, but what about your electric bills? Apart from the length of time you use your AC, did you know that its age can contribute to its high energy consumption?

Is Your AC Too Old For Cool?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), central air conditioning units last up to 20 years. However, the Energy Department suggests that AC units must be replaced when they’re 10 years old. When you replace decade-old AC units, the DOE says that you can save up to 20 to 40 percent of your cooling energy bill.

Not convinced? Below are three of the many ways your air conditioning is costing you more money than normal.

1. Energy Costs

Almost every year, there are innovations to the technology we use every day. These technological advancements have, among many other things, resulted in improved energy efficiency for newer AC units compared to older models, saving you on energy costs.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you should replace your AC model every year. But, if your current unit has been in the family for more than a decade, you might want to consider getting a newer model. The upfront costs of buying and installing a new unit may be quite high, but the energy savings over time will make up for it.

2. Repair Costs

It’s no surprise that old things, whether it’s your AC unit or your car, need more repair the older they get. The constant use and general wear and tear result in breakage and malfunction. So, when your central air breaks down or becomes faulty, you’ll be seeking AC repair services because you can’t stand the Dallas heat.

The problem is, no matter how well your unit is repaired, it’s likely to break down again because some parts just aren’t built to withstand years of use. Repair costs quickly add up and, next thing you know, you could have bought a brand new unit with the money it took to repair your old one again and again.

3. Healthcare Expenses

You might not realize this, but as HVAC experts, we know that old air conditioning systems can contribute to making you sick. Old units tend to have a difficult time effectively filtering out indoor air pollutants, which negatively affects your indoor air quality. Breathing poor indoor air may lead to flu-like symptoms or respiratory problems, which then lead to medical bills that you wouldn’t have had in the first place had you been diligent about your indoor air quality.

Helping You Maintain Your AC Units

Once you’ve replaced your old AC with a new unit, you’ll be able to save costs on different fronts. To ensure that your new AC stays in great condition, turn to Cowboy Services AC & Heating. We’re Dallas, TX’s most trusted HVAC company, giving you the best maintenance and repair services.

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The Cost of Cooling: How Your Old AC is Bleeding Your Wallet Dry
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