Dallas, Texas is famous for its sweltering summers. In fact, from evening temperatures of 80oF, temperatures can soar to 100oF during the day. Air conditioning systems, therefore, are a necessity for Dallas residents. Cranking up the AC when the summer heat becomes too much to bear becomes the norm.

With the cooling system being an integral part of life in the summer, checking your AC before summer starts should also be second nature. If you need a little reminder, put a note on your calendar that the best time to check AC filters, ductwork, and external condensers is in May — the last month of spring and a few weeks before the summer heat kicks in.

Cowboy Services AC & Heating can perform a thorough inspection to check if your central or mini-split AC is in perfect condition. There are, however, a few checks you can do that won’t cost you money.

A quick reminder, though: turn off the thermostat and AC breaker first before turning on the fans.

Inspect Ductworks

A simple visual check of your central AC ducts will reveal if some holes or joints need sealing. If you smell an unusual odor after turning the system on for the first time in months, your ducts may need professional attention.

Clean Filters

Most mini-split units today have accessible air filters you can remove without disturbing the electrical system. If the filter bears no signs of damage and you can remove the debris with a brush, clean it out. Doing so would be beneficial in other ways; it reduces your energy consumption by 5-15%. Filters for central air conditioners are not as easy to clean, however, so it’s better to call a professional to do the job.

Clean External Condensers

If you have a central AC at home, be mindful of the external condenser. You need to clear out the snow and remove leaves and twigs stuck in the vents. The rule of thumb is to remove debris the same way they got in. If you suspect that tiny animals have nested in your condenser, call a professional. He or she may have to open it to get them out.

Ensure your family’s comfort every summer by calling Cowboy Services AC & Heating. We offer AC installations and repairs anywhere in Dallas, Texas. Contact us, and we’ll prep your AC not only for the summer but also the rest of the year.

Summer Is Right around the Corner — Is Your AC Ready for the Heat?
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