About 66% of Americans subject their homes to spring cleaning – and for a good reason. Letting in the fresh air, cleaning hard-to-reach areas, and getting rid of old things make for a more comfortable home, after all.

Research shows, however, that about 54% of spring cleaners don’t know where to start. Cowboy Services AC and Heating offers a suggestion: start with your air conditioning unit! Or, if you won’t begin the annual ritual with the AC, at the very least, include it in your spring cleaning. To help, we’ve compiled four reasons your AC unit deserves a spot on your spring cleaning checklist.

You’ll Spot Winter Problems

The cold months are not conducive to AC unit inspections, but now is a great time to check your cooling system for winter problems. Low temperatures, after all, can bring several problems to your AC system.

Vent and pipe obstructions, for instance, can prevent the flow of air and coolants and cause inefficiency in the system. Strong winds, meanwhile, can misalign or remove the panels of the outdoor unit. These panels protect the electrical connections, so they’re crucial to the system’s operations. The chilly breeze can also blow debris into the condenser coil and undermine its function.

Additionally, frozen water or winter animals looking for shelter can damage the insulation of the suction line, which supplies refrigerant to the compressor. This can disrupt the unit’s cooling process and damage the entire system.

An AC unit inspection uncovers winter issues before they damage the system considerably. You can determine whether you need an AC tune-up or repair service to keep the unit working properly throughout the spring.

You’ll Reduce Your Energy Bills

Checking your unit for inefficiencies helps you reduce energy bills. About 21% of your home’s energy expenses go to heating and cooling, so it’s important that your AC unit uses the optimum amount of energy.

Take refrigerant leaks, for instance. The refrigerator’s cooling system relies on the substance to maintain optimum temperatures. If it leaks, then the system would need to shut down to prevent overheating. Shutting the system down and starting it up again, however, use a considerable amount of energy, driving your energy bills up.

You’ll Guard Your Kids against Spring Allergens

Spring is the peak season for allergies. Outdoor pollens cause many people to sniffle and sneeze, and a dirty AC unit can worsen these symptoms. The air filters clogged with dirt, dust, pollens, and other air particulates could trigger allergies, especially among children.

So, protect your family by cleaning your AC unit. This ensures that you have optimal indoor air quality that allows for the health of its occupants.

You’ll Prolong Your Unit’s Lifespan

The most important benefit of AC unit maintenance during spring cleaning is that you’ll extend the unit’s lifespan. You can check if each component is working properly and repair minor problems before they get worse.

Our AC tune-up service, for instance, includes checking the refrigerant level, contractor points, and wirings; inspecting the thermostat; cleaning or replacing the standard air filter; and conducting a full-energy audit; among others. We’ll check every component of your unit so it will give you another year of comfortable indoor temperatures.

Cowboy Services AC and Heating will keep your AC unit in good shape. Contact us today for more information about our AC tune-up and repair services.

4 Reasons to Include Your AC Unit in Your Spring Cleaning Checklist
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