The spring months are coming to a close; summer is on its way. Due to the warm weather, more homeowners now put their air conditioning systems into heavier use. After all, there’s nothing better than experiencing cool comfort after braving the scorching heat outdoors.

Expecting your AC unit to run nonstop without proper maintenance, however, is inadvisable. It may break down in the middle of the season and cause discomfort for you and your loved ones.

Don’t wait for your air conditioning unit to malfunction in the middle of the summer season. Our air conditioning service center in Dallas recommends scheduling a tune-up immediately.

A pre-summer AC tune-up does more than just ensure your home’s comfort; it can also save you time and money.

Maximum System Efficiency

Tune-ups do more than fix the bigger issues of your unit; it also irons out the smaller problems that add up over time. Professionals will also clean and maintain your unit to improve its performance. A tune-up takes accumulated dirt off your air conditioner, restoring its efficiency. Once your unit undergoes a complete maintenance check, it will cool your home better.

Prolonged Unit Lifespan

Apart from improving your unit’s efficiency, getting regular tune-ups also prolongs its life. Tune-ups renew your air conditioner’s condition by checking and replacing faulty parts and checking operational data. Regular tune-ups resolve these issues before they lead to costly unit replacements.

Lower Electric Bill

Your air conditioning unit will most likely take the lion’s share of your overall utility bills. If your unit fails to function properly, it will eat up more power and cost you more in the long run.

A tune-up ensures you don’t pay more than you should. It keeps your system running as smoothly as possible.

More Budget-Friendly than Repairs or New Units

Some homeowners believe they are saving money by delaying a tune-up. On the contrary, a malfunctioning AC unit will inevitably cost you more.

The cost to repair broken air conditioning systems depends on the brand of the unit and the severity of the problem. According to Home Advisor, the national average of repair costs is $337; the worst cases can cost you $1600.

Yearly system tune-ups, on the other hand, will cost much less.

Professional Advice is Available

There’s nothing wrong with attempting to remedy AC concerns on your own — if you know what you’re doing. If you aren’t familiar around your system, however, you can end up damaging your unit. The worse the problem is, the more it will cost to repair.

Instead of paying more for a simple mistake, it’s best to leave your unit with the professionals right from the start. A licensed AC expert is capable of performing proper tune-ups and offering advice on proper care for your air conditioning unit.

Spare yourself from unit failures, surprise expenses, and the scorching heat with a pre-summer tune-up. Make sure your AC is ready for the summer with Cowboy Services AC & Heating — a trusted provider of tune-up services in Dallas. By scheduling an annual checkup with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your cooling system will run well during the hot summer months.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your tune-up.

Don’t Wait for the Dog Days: A Pre-Summer Tune-Up Can Save You Money
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