You might find your thoughts turning to romance as Cupid comes to call in February, but this month is also the perfect time to start showing your air conditioner a little love, too. AC maintenance might not be the first thing on your mind while Old Man Winter is still in town, but winters in Texas aren’t often as severe, or as long, as in more northerly climes. The mercury might be hovering at the bottom of your thermometer now, but you’ll probably find yourself turning on your AC much earlier than someone in the snowier parts of our country might.

Winter is the Right Time for AC Maintenance

With spring fast approaching, it makes sense to be prepared for rising temperatures and humidity. And the smartest, most effective way to identify, address, and prevent any potential issues you might have is with AC maintenance performed by your local HVAC professional.

Why now? It might seem counter-intuitive to be worrying about your AC when you’re still huddling under a blanket or cozied up next to the fire, but the truth is, the most trusted HVAC pros find their schedules filling up quickly once warm weather rolls around, and scheduling your maintenance early can save you the frustration of finding out your AC isn’t ready when you need it most.

The Effects of Milder Winters and Longer Summers

Your AC unit isn’t getting much (or any!) use during the winter, but the fact that Texas winters are so mild compared to other parts of the country means the typical air conditioning system undergoes greater wear and tear as well, thanks to more frequent use during the longer warm season. This creates a “double whammy” effect that makes regular maintenance a critical part of your annual home upkeep planning.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re covered is to enroll in a scheduled maintenance plan. You’ll avoid the stress of trying to land an appointment during the busy season, and depending on the plan you choose, you could enjoy bonuses such as product discounts, priority service, and access to special promotional offers. In addition, regularly scheduled maintenance can help ensure your entire HVAC system—heater, a/c, and associated components—are in top working order, regardless of the season. It’ll also ensure any performance or equipment issues are nipped in the bud, before they become problems that require more extensive, and potentially expensive, repairs.

Now’s the time to show your air conditioner some love! Get in touch with your local HVAC professionals, and make sure your relationship with your home’s HVAC system stays a heartwarming tale instead of a bad romance.

AC Maintenance: Show Your Air Conditioner a Little Love
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