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Professional AC Repair Services in Dallas

We repair your air conditioning before we replace!

Looking for some Dallas AC repair work to be done? We know when your ac goes out or your air conditioning is acting up, how brutal it can be.  Texas summers can take a toll on homes and offices in Dallas.

This is why Cowboy Services offers both emergency AC repair and a maintenance plan. We will be there to help you take care of your existing AC unit. We will help you fix any parts that break so you can stay cool. By maintaining your existing AC unit you’ll be able to stay cool while keeping cash in your pocket.

Cowboy Services AC & Heating offers full HVAC service for air conditioning repair, installation and replacement to clients in the area. Moreover, we repair AC units before replacing them. Our team of HVAC technicians have over 25 years of experience providing AC repair services in Texas.

Trusted AC Service and Repair, Dallas, TX

Whether you need an energy-efficient central air unit installed in your new home, or your old air conditioning unit needs professional repair because it’s leaking or not blowing cool air any more, our Dallas AC repair has got you covered.

Our approach to AC repair and installation is simple, and it starts by delivering excellent service at a great price. We offer free estimates, and 100% financing. So contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you — we can take away the expense and the hassle!

With our help, you can achieve the perfect home conditions for you and your family. Our newer air conditioning and heating units are energy efficient so that you get the very best results as the best price.

Customers are Our Greatest Asset

One of the best things for any company to hear is that their service or products are appreciated. And the appreciation for Cowboy Services shows! We have many repeat customers who have been pleased by our service. Many of our customers also recommend us to their friends and family as well.

Some common threads in many of our online reviews are:

Commitment to Quality in Dallas AC Repair

With so many examples of satisfied customers, here’s just one testimonial that sums up our commitment to quality service:

In the middle of August my air conditioning unit quit blowing cold air. With a two-year old and a new born at home, I was miserable. I was also very fearful of the cost, but after calling Cowboys AC they helped me understand that they could repair without replacing the unit. Their professional team of HVAC technicians came out to my house the same day I called and sure enough – they were able to fix the unit for a very affordable price. I’m very impressed with Cowboy AC and highly recommend their services.
Becky A.

We are happy and proud that there are so many customer reviews just like this one. We work hard to make sure you are able to stay comfortable in your home and at a price that keeps you comfortable too.

Heater Repair Services in Dallas

We also provide professional heating repair services in the Dallas area. Not every month in Texas requires your heater to work, but when it does get cold – we Texans need our heat!

If you’ve got a gas furnace, we’ll be sure to complete our multi-point inspection to make certain it’s running efficiently. A gas furnace is a great way to heat your home because gas is able to quickly bring your home up to your desired temperature. It’s also a very affordable option. Most of the natural gas we use in this country is produced domestically, you’ll never have to worry about fluctuations in cost. Oil prices fluctuate and are unstable, but not natural gas.

If you’ve already got a great furnace, but one or two of your rooms don’t get as warm as you’d like, an electric heater is a great choice.

Electric Heat for your Home

In areas where it gets very cold, electric heaters might get ruled out. But here in Texas, it’s a great choice. You might consider electric heaters because they:

Connect with us for a heater tune up to be sure that your system will run when you need it. We can service and repair your heater here in Dallas or install a new one if needed. We can also clean your air duct and improve the air quality of your home or business. We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service as well.

AC Maintenance Plan

Many of our AC customers choose to have a maintenance plan with us as well. When we come service your AC unit, we have a 17-point plan that goes through your entire system. One we complete our inspection, we’ll discuss next steps with you and address any questions or concerns you have.

Our thorough inspection goes through some of the most important parts of your AC system:

Cowboys AC is a Licensed Heater and Air Conditioning Repair Company Serving Dallas and The Greater DFW Metroplex.


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